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5 things I learned from 4 years as a product-based startup founder

This week marks exactly the 4th year since PURPOSE officially launched with Better, Faster, Bolder being the theme.

So what has 4 years taught me? I hope these 5 nuggets can provide insight into your own journey if you’re considering going on your own venture.

1. Everyone has a better idea of how to do it until it comes to doing it.
So, take what everyone has to say but do what you believe, and keep doing.

2. First investors invest in you. After that, the results need to prove it.
For subsequent investors, it’s all about the business. Investment decisions are also totally arbitrary. Some worse ideas have and will continue to raise more funds than yours.

3. Friends will expect free things, strangers will pay.
That’s friendship. While it brings people close, it also takes away the boundary of asking things for free.

4. Like drugs, being high has a limited timeframe.
Other times, usually more times, the feeling is low and lonely. You’ll find yourself in constant self-aware mode. Like drugs, this is something you will learn to hide.

5. Nobody can be as committed to the business as you.
Why people join – be it partners or employees, are different from yours. Most often, it’s just for employment. Embrace that they are committed to this reason as you are to yours.

There you go. 5 hard insights I’ve learnt if you ever want to know what it’s like to be a founder.

Your journey may be different from mine but overall, learn to embrace the discomfort that comes when walking this path.

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