Noor Aziz


50 and the settling in into a new normal

The new normal. At 50 I’m blessed that I’m alive and able to do what I love doing. I’m able to swim, bike, run (albeit with creaks on the joints here and there) and still enjoy it. I’m able to pursue, in Purpose what many want to do but didn’t get a chance to do. And lastly, in 5 decades I’ve experienced life coming from nothing; near poverty, living the lows, to the highs, through many life-changing moments and settling comfortably where I am today. I’ve learnt to not want much. What I’m doing now is I’m building on a dream that if successful, will create new moments for the next 25 years and I hope that these moments will impact others for the better. Thank you for all the birthday wishes 🙏🏼

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