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Maybe it’s not lockdown we want; maybe it’s self-reflection and recalibration we need

Have too much become the norm? Is the only way we humans can learn is when this disease of overabundance becomes the vehicle that asphyxiates us? While the world media covers the outcome of the outbreak – deaths and the harsh policies to try and stem it; have we considered the cause of how far and fast it spread, is us?

I was supposed to be writing the third part of my annual update. With 3 months having had passed, I would have seen the momentum for Purpose in 2020. A nice enough time to put to practice what I’ve learnt and see if these are useful.

However, with the events of COVID-19, I feel somehow compelled to write about this. Especially about the lockdowns that seem to be announced on an almost daily basis everywhere.

The virus is not something that we wish. Nor are the outbreak and the speed by which it is spreading. So fast that that only way to flatten the curve, it seems, is by closing borders and keeping everyone indoors. That and reducing mass gatherings to an absolute essential.

The one learning we have learnt so far is that the virus is spreading exponentially through human travels. The bigger learning here, to me, is the disease of over-abundance that we have brought upon ourselves.

China’s air pollution dropped dramatically after coronavirus lockdown
China’s air pollution dropped dramatically after coronavirus lockdown
Source: Business Insider

Over-manufacturing, over-tourism, over-supply, over-packed, over-working, over-economy. This is the disease of overabundance.

In all the infections that have happened from the COVID virus, the primary root of its spread is human-to-human contact. Humans over-crowded, inflects the infections easier.

So perhaps the lockdown is something that, as much as we do not want it, truly indeed need. Perhaps what we humans really need is some recalibration.

For us to use the time that the lockdown has afforded us to do some self-reflection. For us to ask if this is something that we perhaps have done. Very much indirectly, to ourselves as human beings.

When we accept that we had indirectly brought this upon ourselves, we will be able to recalibrate. Make adjustments to reduce the disease that being superabundance has brought to us.

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