Noor Aziz


Nobody Wins Alone

So tell me, do you know of any sportswear brand from Singapore hitting – and winning, the competition at world championships and world record levels? Brands from From Malaysia or other Southeast Asia, even.

Many times, I have been turned away. Our brand/products “aren’t good enough” for them to run in. Why? Simply because PURPOSE is not a Nike or the Adidas of the world. That’s understandable. Those are huge shoes to fill. And we’re tiny. We don’t have 50 years behind us. Or 75+ in Adidas’s case. But we’re just as good. And unashamedly, I admit I need help to scale. Also, like all small and growing, I need trust and support. From the community especially.

In 5 years, I’m so blessed to have Olympians, World Champions, and World Record breakers wear PURPOSE to do this. Even more when I count those whom I know to have broken their personal bests multiple times and qualified for their world championships.

At times I may get it wrong. But I’d like to say that I get more of them right. I get feedback and make PURPOSE better. The brand today is the product of 5 years of development. So let me know if you can think of a way where I can get PURPOSE to improve even more.

Nobody wins alone.

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