Noor Aziz


Purpose Women & Muslimah. Progress and inclusion for the active Muslim woman

How it started, and how it’s going. In 2018, we launched the Purpose Muslimah Series, the first-ever performance triathlon suit for active Muslim women at Ironman Malaysia Langkawi, after 6 months of product testing and development. Since then, the Muslimah range has expanded to include Muslimah cycling in 2019 and running in early 2020.

Southeast Asia makes up the largest Muslim community in the world, many of whom are progressive and active in sports. As a brand that makes performance wear for triathlon, cycling and running, PURPOSE is best positioned to bring this cause to the front. Muslim women want to participate actively in sports and desire high-performance sportswear that meet religious and cultural requirements which currently is not readily available.

PURPOSE is the first, and it’s my dream to make us the largest and the preferred performance wear brand for active Muslim women and women who prefer modest wear in sports.

This year, we are throwing the gauntlet into this space. Now called PURPOSE Women, this product line will expand in range and variety. We are committed to making an all-female-type inclusive range that caters to every woman of all shapes, sizes, cultures and religious beliefs.

As the team and I make this progress, so too comes the need to find faces and ambassadors who truly represent what PURPOSE Women is all about. If you’re an active, high-performance athlete – especially if you’re an active Muslim woman or an elite athlete who prefers modest wear by choice, let’s get in touch. I’d love to hear your story.

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