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Though A Founder’s Journey is Lonely, It Becomes Less So With A Great Team Around

I’m writing this at the corner of a major announcement we’re making because I’m dedicating this to my team who has made my journey in Purpose less lonely.

To an extent, I’d like to say that this is now Our Journey, not just mine.

For two years, I trodded on this path on my own. I could not see where I was headed – neither did I know where I’ll be. I know where I wanted to be.

Still, in the year and half that followed, we went from a team of one – me, to a team of 8. All in that time. We grew, and along with it came the growing pains.

Thus I’d like to thank my team for sticking by through all the experiences we’ve been through. From the highs of last year and the beginning of this year, to the lows of the last 5 months through the hell of having to eek every portion of the business so that we can generate the revenue to keep going.

Not only that, this dedication is also for the hard work everyone has put in the past 2 months as we try and chase to launch three things in September.

As in the case of setting and chasing moonshots, stress happens. Through all of these, I’m glad that I have built a team of resilience to stay with me on course towards the release of these three marquis projects of the year.

I will share more on what these three things are in the days and weeks to come.

For now, we have the first milestone coming. A milestone that my team has tirelessly worked on the past two months. Having seen it at 90% complete, I’m very proud of what they’ve done.

In the past year and a half, and I’m also including those that have joined recently, I’m proud that we have all grown together on this.

It takes a belief of the same vision to make great things happen. I’m glad that the team thinks the same too.

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