Noor Aziz


To be the first to bring performance sportswear from Singapore to the world

This is a feature from nearly a year ago profiled both as personality and brand in Run Magazine Singapore.

Now 12 months on, I’m even more proud that we’ve further cemented our reputation as a brand from Singapore – the only one, that’s producing high-quality, race-winning and world-record-setting performance wear for triathlon, cycling and running.

Although this year may have been a lull, it didn’t stop us from growing. Purpose exceeded last year’s revenues, even when all physical sales channels closed. And we launched a world-record-setting kit that will get a wider range next year.

The past 10 months has still been a challenge though. Nonetheless, it’s the nature of business that every growth is followed by a dip and after that if we survive, a spike upwards. I’m very much looking forward to this trajectory after the dip.

Today even more, I still hold the vision bringing not just Purpose, but also brand Singapore into the world sportswear and performance apparel stage.

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